Vegan Influencer Zhanna D’art Dies of Starvation

by Mayniaga

According to statements from friends and family members of the Russian food influencer, known as Zhanna Samsonova, reported by Newsflash,

she "passed away due to malnutrition and extreme fatigue" after exclusively adhering to a "completely raw vegan diet" in Malaysia.

Over the last four years, Ms. Samsonova exclusively consumed a "raw" vegan diet,

primarily consisting of "fruits, sunflower seed sprouts, fruit smoothies, and juices," as outlined by her mother.

Attributing her daughter's demise to a "cholera-like infection," the influencer's mother pointed towards this cause.

The official cause of Ms. Samsonova's death remains undisclosed.

Reports from local media indicate that the influencer was in southeast Asia on a tour when she passed away in Malaysia on July 21.

A friend of Ms. Samsonova revealed that during their meeting in Sri Lanka a few months ago, the influencer appeared "exhausted, with swollen legs leaking lymph."

“They sent her home to seek treatment. However, she ran away again. When I saw her in Phuket, I was horrified,”

said the friend, who was also Ms Samsonova’s neighbour.

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